Walke Point Marine Consultants, Inc.
is the company to contact for marine surveys.

Regulatory Compliance Survey

We generate a worklist prior to having a U.S. Coast Guard inspection or conversion of an existing vessel to bring the vessel into U.S. Flag standards for freight ships, tank ships or passenger vessels.
Walke Point Marine Consultants Inc. can on behalf of PMDS provide an efficient service of Ships Statutory Safety Certification in accordance with international and national maritime regulations, as authorized by Maritime Administrations. 

This survey can be done in conjuntion with a  condition and evalution survey, to aid in a feisiblity study and in writing a ship yard specification.

PMDS is a duly recognized organization by the Government of Panama and the Government of Belize in compliance with ISO 9002: 1994 under RuA accreditation scheme to survey and issue certificates to vessels of any type and size.

Condition & Evaluation Surveys

We will determine the seaworthiness, insurability and approximate value of your vessel necessary for you to obtain or renew insurance on the vessel. 

Pre-Purchase surveys

We ascertain and provide a record of existing conditions of a vessel and a list of the vessel's systems equipment. We determine the fair market value of the vessel.

Fishing Vessel Examinations

We will in conjunction with a Condition and Evaluation Survey, conduct Fishing Vessel Exam for issuance of a fishing vessel decal. 

Attraction Vessel Examinations

We will conduct a survey and provide guidance to bring vessel into compliance with Attraction Vessel requirements. We also provide a letter to the USCG as required by their policy letter. 
*Wood, Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum & Cement Hulls 
*Power & Sail, Corporate & Pleasure Yachts 
*Commercial Passenger Vessels, Tug/Tow Boat & Fishing Vessels 



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Repair Procedures
From a damage survey of your vessel we will provide a detailed outline of recommendations on how to effect repairs to return the vessel to seaworthiness and operation. We can oversee the repairs to ensure compliance. 
We can also write shipyard specifications which can be used for repair bids and contracts. 

Stability Test Procedures

We determine the greatest passenger capacity of a small passenger vessel. We measure the vessel to determine wind heel moment, oversee the preliminary test and the test in the presence of U.S. Coast Guard inspectors. 
This Procedure insures that your vessel obtains the geartest benifits determined by a simplified stability test.

Weld Engineering Support Services

We write procedures and/or determine appropriate welding procedure to meet USCG, ABS, or ASME Code requirements. We oversee proof of welding procedures and train welders to the welding procedure. 

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