R/V Maury


Depth Finder


Radar Aray


1st attempt at Bottom-Grabber

Bottom Sample


Dropping the CDT & Secchi Disk

Dropping the plankton net

Dragging the plankton net

Bringing up the plankton net

Rinsing off the algae

Plankton sample

Jimmy at the microscope

Priming the Go-Flo bottle

Retrieving the Go-Flo

Go-Flo to refractotometer

Refractotmeter readings

Green Channel Marker

Red Channel Marker

Heading out into bay

Our wake

Buoy 21C

Putting out the otter trawl

Pulling the otter trawl 1

Pulling the otter trawl 2

Pulling the otter trawl 3

Pulling the otter trawl 4

Pulling in the otter trawl 5

Samples from the trawler 1

Samples from the trawler 2

Small Flounder

Male Horseshoe Crab

Samples from the trawl 3

Bay Shimp

To be returned to the bay