Swedish-American Society 
Newsletter, October1999 Edition

President: Leland Peterson 489-7061
Web master: Larry Leonardson 721-6827

                      Sunday, May 16, 1999
                Ruritan Club, Witch Duck Road. 

Sunday, October 17, 1999
Ruritan Club, Witchduck Road
3:00 Setup
4:00 Fellowship Hour
5:00 Featured Dish is:
       Bob Olson's famous Pork Barbecue..
5:45 Business Meeting 
6:00 The Meaning of Sancta Lucia
6:20: Sing Along with Ted Johnson
6:45: Raffle with Andy Anderson
7:00 Cleanup and Closing
Program notes.

3:00 Sue Arith and Connie Hammons will
appreciate some help in preparing the room for
dining and the program.

4:00 As usual, the club will furnish soft drinks,
beer, wine and coffee, but will depend upon
member contributions for appropriate snacks. 

5:00 Bread, vegetable dishes and desserts must
be furnished by the members to supplement our
pork barbecue. Ted Johnson will lead to us in
singing Du Gamla and America the Beautiful
before our Swedish table grace.

5:45 Nominations for officers for the next year
to be elected in November.  All current officers
are willing to serve another year and the floor
will be open for additional nominations..
6:00 A brief discussion of the range of dishes to
be offered in the smorgasbord; why
Scandinavians favored certain dishes in the
winter; Sancta Lucia as a festival of light; why it
is better to light a candle than to curse the
darkness in the middle of a Scandinavian
winter. Anna Bellars will talk about the Santa
Lucia festival she knew in Sweden.

6:20 Ted Johnson will lead us in a variety of
Swedish and American songs and we will all
conclude with a soulful but spirited singing of
Helsa Dem Der Hemma while the President's eyes
become sweaty..

6:45 In addition to our usual surprise packs, our
raffle will include some whole pork Boston Butts
specially prepared by our chef du jour.

7:00 We [everyone but the President] put away
tables and chairs and generally lend a hand to
Sandy McGregor, Cliff Hughes, Sue Arith and
Connie Hammons.  God bless 'em all.


If coming from the peninsula, take I-64 across the
Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, follow 64 to 264
East. Follow 264 to the Witchduck Road exit,
after exiting, turn left onto Witchduck Road.
About 1/4 to ½ mile is Ruritan Drive (fire station
light is there). Turn left on Ruritan, go the end of
the street, building is on the left.

                        CLUB OFFICERS
President - Leland Peterson 489-7061
Vice President - Alise Dilworth
Secretary - Georgie Unser 
Treasurer - Don Lundquist
Newletter Editor - Nellie Leonardson
Web Master-Larry Leonardson 721-6827

                   OUR ADDRESS ON THE WEB:


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The children will be making ceramic jack-o-
lantern bags and hopefully starting on Christmas
ornaments. We are still in need of oyster shells
for this project. Last month the kids made
beautiful glass Halloween ornaments.


Please do your calling as soon as you receive the
newsletter.  Betty will call you on Friday the 17th
for the count.  Many thanks for your
I know that at one time there was a list compiled
of members birthdays and anniversaries. I would
like to include these in our newsletter but do not
have that list. If someone has it, please let me
know. Otherwise we will have a list available at
this meeting so you can provide me with the

Congratulate Lelia Milner, who celebrated her
third birthday on October 14th. If you ask her
how old she is, she will show you the
correct number of fingers. 

Members who will be on the road for our
October meeting include Hans and Margit
Thunander [Florence, Italy], 
Herb and Marilyn Melendy [Lindsborg, Kansas]
and Don and Joann Lundquist [Michigan}. 
Save them some barbecue!


Our last monthly meeting was held on  Sunday,
Sept. 19th.  We began with a social hour at 4:00
p.m. At 5:00, we gathered at the tables and sang
our opening club songs and our Table Grace.  As
usual, the meal was very tasty with Lamb Stew,
Swedish Sausage, many kings of delicious breads
(all homemade by one of our members) and the
usual side dishes of a great variety of fruits and
vegetables, followed by a choice of desserts .

Club President Leland Peterson began our
meeting by introducing our guest, Kaureen
Langley, who accompanied Ted Johnson. Don
Lundquist gave the Treasurer’s report. 
Publisher’s Note: I do not include the figures as
our newsletter goes on the internet and it is my
personal opinion that we should not post that
information.  Don announced that dues of $15.00
per member are now due.  Ted Johnson gave a
report on the badges.  They will cost $5.00 a
piece.  We discussed the report on the Travel
Award presented by the committee, headed by
our Vice-President, Alise Dilworth.  Some had
reservations concerning reasons for going, where
they would stay when they arrived in Sweden,
concern that our sponsorship could have some
litigiously unacceptable consequences, and other
concerns.   After much discussion, it was decided
that we could table it for now and give it some
more thought.  No time limit was given as to
when we would again act on this suggestion.

Other business discussed was the suggestion that
perhaps we could buy our own video tape
recorder to tape about 15 minutes of each
program presentation.  Marget Thunander
suggested that we play Swedish music during the
Happy Hour.  The next order of business was the
election of officers.  Leland said he would be
willing to stay as President for another year but
would want to maintain the same slate of officers. 
There were 35 adults present and 9 children
present.  Nellie led the children’s workshop in
making lovely Halloween ornaments. 
After the business meeting Ted Johnson led us in
singing some Swedish songs.  Andy Anderson
contributed greatly in this endeavor.  Following
the sing-a-long, Andy led the raffle.  The meeting
ended at 6:45 p.m. and everyone pitched in to
make the clean-up both quick and painless.

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