Swedish-American Society 
Newsletter, May 1999 Edition

President: Leland Peterson 489-7061
Web master: Larry Leonardson 721-6827

                      Sunday, May 16, 1999
                Ruritan Club, Witch Duck Road. 
3:00 doors open for setup
4:00 club fellowship
5:00 buffet dinner of Swedish soul food
5:40: business meeting, travel award
6:00 sing along, birthday celebration, and Memorial
6:45 raffle
7:00-7:30 cleanup and doors closed

3:00  Sue Arith will supervise the opening and setup and would appreciate the help of  anyone who can come early.
4:00  The Club provides coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine for the Happy Hour, but depends upon donations by members for snacks like cheese, crackers, pickled herring,
sausage and other traditional hor d'oeurves. 
5:00  Before we eat, we will sing Du Gamla, Du Fria and America the Beautiful and say our Swedish table grace. Our featured dishes will include the most popular in our survey
last January, Swedish Meatballs, and a sturdy favorite, Meat Loaf.. Ours seven chefs are Ruth Reid, Gladys Nelson, Georgie Unser, Joanne Lundquist for the kottbollar, and 
Cliff Hughs, Luanne Nelson, and Anna Rissell for the kott fars. Vegetables, breads appetizers and desserts and will be provided by Elva Wilson, Bob Olson, Sheila Barrie, Ted

Johnson, Merrie Jo Milner, Larry Leonardson, Betty Peterson, and Lizbeth and Alan Coker. Let it not be said that we are not up to full support of one of our most famous traditions, the preparation and consumption of tasty foods perfected over the centuries.  Marilyn Melendy will order a
decorated birthday cake...
5:40  The treasurer, Don Lundquist, who acquitted himself with great distinction in our April raffle, will report on the state of our treasury and membership enrollment. The
president Himself will tell another joke about the Norwegians and invite a retaliatory response from Arild Bertilrud, one of our honorary Swedes who is really Norwegian and not ashamed of it. Are there other Norwegians in our membership besides Arild, Betty Peterson, and Twila Nelson? The president will also take from the table a
motion to establish a $1000 travel award for May, 2000. 
If it passes, we will establish a committee to set the conditions for the award.
6:00  A birthday celebration and , anticipating Memorial Day, a recital of the names of former members who contributed much to our society before they passed on.
This would be an appropriate time for Ted Johnson to lead us  in two Memorial anthems, Faith of our Fathers and Tryggare Kan Inge Vara (Children of the Heavenly 
 Father). We can close this part of our program with our traditional Sing Along,   which must include Kungssangen and Santa Lucia. Here it would be well to remember
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that it was Maury Nelson who initiated our annual Santa Lucia ceremony more than two decades ago.
6:45  Our raffle that so much entertains the young and the old. Many thanks to those who contribute prizes and more to those who buy the tickets and contribute much to our
financial well-being.
7:00 -7:20  At the end of our April meeting, a small army of volunteers restacked the tables and chairs in 15 minutes or less, a wonderful showing that has established a worthy precedent. Sandy McGregor, one of our newest members, did not to hesitate to grab the sweeper at the end and left the
meeting room as spick and span as a Navy dining hall!
                          Member News
Betty Peterson's father, Joseph Onrud, 97 years old with a broken hip, returned to the hospital with complications on Saturday, April 17. Betty and Leland will leave for
Minneapolis on April 22. The scheduled trip to Orsa, Dalarna, has been postponed.
The month of June will be a travel month for Bob Olson. California in June! Because of this, he will need someone to do the beer, drinks, etc. for the June meeting. 
On April 6th, Diane Garvin passed away after battling with cancer. Diane was a charter member of this club and gave her support throughout the years. Diane is
survived by Dan, whom she shared her life with for 49 years, as well as a daughter and three sons and seven grandchildren.  
                  Diane will be greatly missed.

The Swedish-American Society began the April 18th meeting with a social hour at 4:00 p.m.  At 5:00 p.m. we prepared for the meal by singing DuGamla Du fria, and America the Beautiful led by Ted Johson.  We then had our Swedish table grace.  This was followed by the meal consisting of Baked Cod, Salmon, potatoes and vegetables.  As usual the wide variety of desserts were delicious.  Following the meal, the children went with Nellie into an adjoining room to make bookmarks.  Our Club President,
Leland Peterson, began the meeting by announcing the death of Diane Garvin.  A card was passed around to be signed by club members and then sent to the Garvin family. 
Don Lundquist gave the Treasurerís report. 
There were 30 adults and 6 children present at the meeting.  Leland passed around a sign-up sheet for the food that will be served at the May meeting. This meal will consist of
Swedish Meatballs, Meatloaf and Vegetables.

After the meeting, Leland shared some Swedish humor from a book he is studying in order to brush up on the Swedish language.  Ted Johnson led us in singing some Swedish
and American sons.  Leland then shared with some interesting research he has been doing in preparation for the trip he and Betty will be taking next month to his ancesteral region in Dalarna.  We then held the raffle, Don Lundquist was subbing for Andy Andersson on selling the raffle tickets.   The hand painted wooden dishes from the Nelsons will be raffled off at the May meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:00.  A volunteer clean-up committee had completed the clean by 7:10.

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Please do your calling as soon as you receive the newsletter.  Betty will call you on Friday the 16th for the count. Many thanks for your cooperation.
In Memoriam
Helen Baldwin 1981
Anna Rydingsvard 1982
Harry Nelson 1983
Bror Anderson 1984
Hartha Swedberg 1984
Virgil Rissell 1987
Marie Warren 1987
Genevive Cadotte 1988
Harry Johnson 1988
Gota Anderson 1988
Nels Anderson 1990
Anna Anderson 1990
Alice Belton 1992
Clarence Walburg 1993
Karin Rosendahl 1994
Edna Carroll 1996
Maury Nelson 1996
Elsa Truelove 1997
Bob Wilson 1998
Julia Herman 1999
Diane Garvin 1999

If coming from the peninsula, take Interstate 64 across the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, follow 64 to 264 East. Follow 264 to the Witchduck Road exit, after exiting,
turn left onto Witchduck Road. About 1/4 to ½ mile is Ruritan Drive (fire station light is there). Turn left on Ruritan, go the end of the street, building is on the left.

The children will be making decorated hot/cold mugs. We will be using mostly crayons and markers so dress should not be a concern. 

Tentative Schedule for 1999

                      Main Dish                       Program
May 16         Kottbullar                    Club Birthday
                      Kottfars                     In Memoriam
June 20        Bruna Bonor        Folk Dancing
                                  Potatis Sallad
September 19   Lamm med Dillsas                 
                          Potatiskorv   Swedish Theatre

October 17   Flask a la Olesson   
                                   Swedish Language  
November 21    Kalvkott med Dillsas             
                              Swedish-American Chorale
December 12    Smorgasbord                         
                                      Santa Lucia
                         CLUB OFFICERS
          President - Leland Peterson 489-7061
                Vice President - Alise Dilworth
                   Secretary - Georgie Unser 
                   Treasurer - Don Lundquist
            Newletter Editor - Nellie Leonardson
                 Web Master - Larry Leonardson 
                    OUR ADDRESS ON THE WEB:

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                       A MODEST PROPOSAL

1.  Beginning in May, 2000, as a part of our raffle, we have a drawing for $1000 to fund in part travel expenses for one person
    for a two-week trip to Sweden.

2.  The award would be restricted to those members or family members between the ages of fifteen to thirty who have never
    traveled to Sweden for pleasure as private individuals.

3. Funding would come from the donations of members, who would nominate candidates for the award.  As few as
    nine members contributing an average of ten dollars a month would bring us very close to the total in a year's time.

4.  A second source of funds could be from fund raising events.

5.  Funds collected monthly would be placed in an interest bearing savings account or other suitable investment. Pledges
    would be held by the Treasurer until the designated time for execution.

6.  The annual prize could be named in honor of any past member who made notable contributions to the Swedish American
    Society of Tidewater, Virginia (i.e., the Maury Nelson Award, Nels Anderson Prize, etc.).

    Submitted for discussion, amendment  and a vote at the regularly scheduled meeting of May, 1999, by Leland Peterson.


To the Maury Nelson Travel Fund of the Swedish-American Society of Tidewater, Virginia:
I,__________________________________________ pledge the amount of  ___________________________________($____) due and payable at the time that the combined pledges to this
travel fund total ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I wish to nominate ___________________________________as a candidate for the annual drawing for this prize to be held at the monthly meeting of this Society beginning on May, 2000, A.D.
Witness_____________________________________________, Treasurer