Swedish-American Society 
Newsletter,   February 1999 Edition

Sue Arith will again be in charge of set up and table decorations. Hors d'oeuvres provided by members with beer, wine and soft drinks provided by the club at 4:00 p.m.
Dinner will be at 5:00 p.m. Svenska Pannkakor with sausages and condiments. Preparing are Betty Peterson, Joanne
Lundquist and Margit  Thunander.  As always, there will be a raffle of prizes provided by members.  A short business meeting is scheduled at 5:40 for members to discuss and approve schedule of dinners and programs for 1999, a copy of that schedule is attached as part of  this newsletter. 
Sing along at 6:00 with Ted Johnson and
Herb Melendy.  The club President will have
simplified translations of Swedish songs sung
last time.  At 6:20 Hans Thunander will  talk
on Swedish History.

If you missed the January meeting, you missed some wonderful pea soup. A sing along was led by Ted Johnson and Herb Melendy.  The children went to a separate room to sand and begin painting dala horses that were provided by Bob Olson. 

It is with deep regret that we heard of the passing of Julia Herman.  Julia and her sister, Ruth, have been loyal members of the club for many years. Julia will be missed by all.
Elva Wilson was hospitalized this past month. She came home from the hospital this past Thursday, minus a kidney, but otherwise pretty intact. We hope she is doing better now.
Gladys and Elva’s brother, Howard Vik, is visiting from Jamestown, NY.  They spent 3 days in Virginia Beach when St. Timothy’s celebrated it’s 43rd anniversary. He is spending 6 weeks with Gladys before she goes back to NY with him for a few weeks. Elva and Albert Giordano have been under the weather with the flu for the past few
weeks. Hope everyone is recovering.

Well, we were alittle messy but we sure did have fun. Thank goodness, Bob Olson donated lab coats for the kids to wear! Leila was really impressive, she just may grow up to be a famous artist. Better buy her art work now while we can still afford it. Our dala horses have their red paint on them, this next meeting, the children will do the detail painting to finish their horses so make sure that they are
wearing clothing that it won’t hurt to have some paint on them.

Need directions to the meeting, contact us at:


                     Tentative Schedule for 1999

                        Main Dish                       Program

January 17      Artesoppa              Planning for 1999

February 21    Pannkakor              Swedish History

March 21        Kaldolmar                Family History 

April 18           Fisk                        Travels in Sweden

May 16            Kottbullar              Club Birthday
                         Kottfars                 In Memoriam

June 20            Bruna Bonor          Folk Dancing
                         Potatis Sallad

September 19   Lamm med Dillsas 
                          Potatiskorv            Swedish Theatre

October 17       Flask a la Olesson 
                                                           Swedish Language 

November 21    Kalvkott med Dillsas 
                                                Swedish-American Chorale

December 12    Smorgasbord 
                                                            Santa Lucia
                                                Swedish-American Chorale

Club President - Leland Peterson

Newsletter Editor - Nellie Leonardson
    A. Each meeting begins with a social hour, the beer, wine and soft drinks provided by the club and supervised by Bob Olson, but the hors d'oeuvres provided by the membership.  A part of the social hour will be a fund raising raffle supervised by Andy and Sharon Anderson, each raffle to include
at least one item genuinely Scandinavian purchased by the Club from Lindsborg or another scandinavian center.

 B.   Each program will usually include a short business meeting, a sing-along led by Ted Johnson and Herb Melendy, and a brief language session on our Swedish songs.

C. Complementary vegetables, breads, desserts and other viands will be under the direction of Marilyn Melendy.

D. All members will receive the Club newsletter edited by Nellie Leonardson before the monthly meeting and will be verbally notified of the meeting by the Calling Committee chaired by Betty Peterson.

If anyone has any regular crafts
or  Swedish crafts that the
children could do please 
contact Nellie at 721-6827.