Swedish-American Society 
Newsletter, April 1999 Edition

President: Leland Peterson 489-7061
Web master: Larry Leonardson 721-6827

                     Sunday, April 18, 1999
                 Ruritan Club, Witch Duck Road

3:00 Doors open for setup
4:00 Club Fellowship
5:00 Buffet Dinner, Scandinavian Soul Food
5:50 Sing Along with Ted Johnson
6:15 Talk on Dalarna, A Glorious (?) Land
6:45 Raffle of donated prizes
7:00-7:30 cleanup and doors closed

3:00     Bentley Anderson and Hans
Thunander will setup tables and chairs,
and will welcome the help of anyone who
comes early.
4:00     The Club provides coffee, soft
drinks, wine and beer for the Happy
Hour, but depends upon donations of food
by members for the or d’ordoeuvres . In
addition to the traditional cheeses,
crackers and special breads, pickled
herring, smoked fish (including smoked
eels ) and other sea food, snacks would be
appropriate on our seafood Sunday. Also,
Swedish meat balls ,which ranked very
high on our January survey of favorite
dishes, would be appropriate anytime for
our happy hour or buffet.
5:00      We will again sing Du Gamla,
Du Fria and America the Beautiful with
Ted Johnson at the piano before our
Swedish table graces. Our main dishes

Need directions to the meeting, contact us at:

will be Baked Cod (Betty Peterson and
Merrie Jo Milner), Salmon (Kjerstin
Bertilrud), Salmon Mousse (Margit
Thunander), and Salmon Loaf ((Georgie
Unser). The calling committee will
request complementary vegetable dishes
from members
6:15      The president Himself will hold
forth briefly on reasons for his and
Betty's trip to Orsa, Dalarna, in early
May, and then open the floor to those
planning similar trips.. 
6:45      In addition to the donated prizes
for our raffle, we will have the special
hand painted wooden dishes donated by
Ruth Nelson, whose late husband and
longtime member of our club, Harry
Nelson, brought from his native city
Karlskrona, just south of Stockholm. In
addition Andy and Sharon Anderson will
have the first of special Swedish prizes
offered by the Club for our monthly
7:00-7:30      We should have at least
four to return the tables and chairs to
their storage room and sweep the floor.
And another three should help the
kitchen cleanup.. Please make it
unnecessary for the president to appoint



Remember that handouts are available at
the meeting for the three Swedish songs
we have been practicing: Du Gamla Du
Fria, Kungssanga, and Sankta Lucia. 
quite what we have been talking about,
but related.

Monthly meeting was held on March 21st. 
There were approximately 35 adults and
12 children present.  Our meal was ham
and cabbage with potatoes and a variety
of side dishes.  It was topped off by a
generous selection of desserts. Before the
meal, the president, Leland Peterson,
introduced the visitors and had a short
business meeting.   Nellie and the
children gathered in another room to
make Viking ships which the children
were able to take home with them at the
end of the day.  There was a raffle of
prizes provided by members after the
sing-along. This was followed by an
interesting talk on genealogy by Herb
Melendy followed by Larry Leonardson
continuing the theme with genealogical
computer programs and on-line resources. 
The meeting was adjourned around
7:00 p.m. 

                      CALLING COMMITTEE: 
Please do your calling as soon as you receive
the newsletter.  Betty will call you on Friday
the 16th for the count. Many thanks for your



 It is a fact that Norfolk
supermarkets in the seafood section stock
many more salmon fillets than cod fillets.
One reason for the greater popularity of
salmon is that no one as a child ever had
to suffer a tablespoon of salmon liver oil
to cure a cold or the flu. A survey of
some of the native Swedes in our club
confirms that cod is still a very popular
fish in Sweden, as it is in Minneapolis,
where the local Viking Club (so named
long before professional football in
Minnesota) meets monthly to eat fresh
cod flown in from Iceland, boiled
potatoes with melted butter, and drink a
bit of aqua vit.


Betty Peterson's father, Joseph Onsrud,
has been a member of the Viking club for
decades and celebrated his 97th birthday
on March 21st. He is in excellent health
for a nonagenarian, but had the
misfortune of falling and breaking his hip
last week. His hip was pinned Sunday,
he is resting comfortably, will be back in
his room at the Masonic home the end of
this week, ready for therapy. He is
recovering nicely and Betty and I will go
and visit him and return to Norfolk by
April 15. I do not know if baked cod
guarantees longevity, but it certainly
does no harm to a good Scandinavian


                     Tentative Schedule for 1999

             Main Dish                       Program

April 18       Fisk                      Travels in

May 16         Kottbullar        Club Birthday
                     Kottfars          In Memoriam

June 20        Bruna Bonor        Folk Dancing
                   Potatis Sallad

September 19   Lamm med Dillsas 
                 Potatiskorv   Swedish Theatre

October 17   Flask a la Olesson 
                                       Swedish Language 

November 21    Kalvkott med Dillsas 
                     Swedish-American Chorale 

December 12    Smorgasbord                         Santa Lucia

      Swedish-American Chorale


 If coming from the peninsula, take
Interstate 64 across the Hampton Roads
Bridge Tunnel, follow 64 to 264 East.
Follow 264 to the Witchduck Road exit,
after exiting, turn left onto Witchduck Road.
About 1/4 to ½ mile is Ruritan Drive 
(fire station light is there). Turn left on
Ruritan, go the end of the street, building is
on the left.


The children will be making bookmarks at this
meeting. We will be using stampers and stamp
pads which are inked so please dress the
children in clothing that you aren’t worried
about ink damage.  Also if you have stampers,
acid free paper or cutouts that you would like
for your child to make picture pages with,
bring those and they will be able to work on
that project after finishing their bookmark.


President - Leland Peterson 489-7061
Vice President - Alise Dilworth
Secretary - Georgie Unser 
Treasurer - Don Lundquist

              Newletter Editor - Nellie Leonardson
                 Web Master - Larry Leonardson