Press Release from Navtech US Surveyors Association  June 18, 2002 

Navtech US Surveyors Association wishes the boating public a safe 4th of July 2002. 

Navtech USSA advises all pleasure boaters to remember to have a safe boating inspection on your vessel before departure not only on the holiday weekend but throughout the summer if needed by local USCG Auxiliary or US Power Squadron.   

Press Release from Navtech US Surveyors Association  June 19, 2002 

Navtech US Surveyors Association applauds President Bush's recommendation that the 
USCG be moved to Homeland Security.  Port Security has always been a major duty of the
US Coast Guard and this recommendation seems logical.  The USCG, while the
nation's smallest military force, is its most important in civilian defense of national shores. 

Congratulations to new Coast Guard
Chief Admiral Thomas Collins. 

For More Information:  1-800-245-4425 

Accredited?  Certified?  Know your surveyor credentials.

Don't be fooled by misleading titles, letters and organizations claiming to be "the only approved" one. There are many of these so-called approving/membership/accredited/certified organizations. US Surveyors Association Members are  Master Marine Surveyors who have passed extensive coursework based on need for their own business acumen. 

* Accreditations by nationally recognized coursework from Navtech Marine Surveyor School. 
*Certifications with membership number are issued by US Surveyors Association.  Check your surveyor references or ask any other surveying related questions by calling 1-800-245-4425

Headquarters has been contacted by their new Assistant Technical Director Joe DeRemer for input from our members on what we would like to see ABYC do more to serve the marine surveying business.

Contact him, introduce yourself and give him some feedback at or write him at 
ABYC 3069 Solomons Island Rd. Edgewater, MD 21037 
It's very important to make contact because we need industry networking and Joe is a SAMS surveyor.  So help us out here.  Let's give him some input and look professional.