Vol.No 4                                                                                                                                      November,1999
United States Coast Guard 
4000 Coast Guard Blvd 
Portsmouth, VA 23703

They say that God looks out for those who live a good clean life and did He ever. The weather 
was perfect and the Entertainment Committee, under the leadership of John Arnold, had done 
their usual excellent job. Henry Domme, our Minister of the Exchequer, was run over by the 
thundering herd enroute to the food line. People were throwing bills at Henry so as to ensure  that they had their place in line without any stops in the pay line. The noise was horrendous until they filled their plates and sat down: then you could hear a pin drop and the only noise was the cracking open of crab shells. Pete Brunk brought two caldrons of giant juicy crabs He must have got them just before they were burying in for the long winter nap. The group was shoving one another in line to get at the breaded oysters and fish.  Buddy Moore, Rudy Tarr, John Arnold, and Will Wathen were loading the grills and deep fat fryers as fast as they could to meet the demand. Mary Arnold was at the bottom of the receiving line ladling out her two kettles of Manhattan and New England clam chowder. First time I have ever seen someone drink from the bowl without leaving the line. Also what an array of “goodies” among the covered dishes that the group brought with them. The food line should properly be called the “Groaning Board”. I thought that Mike and Tony Eaton were past masters at loadiing up plates but Jack and Edna Midgett took first place. Understand that Edna had Jack on a diet for a week so he could do justice to the food. Tart and Carol Daniels lived up to their reputation as knife and fork experts and to top it off they had the next generation to back them 
back them up. Norma Domme arrived late with her usual delicious cake; put it on the table and there was another stampede to make sure that they got a piece. Some of us shot our cholesterol levels for the next two years and may have to go on a strickter diet the rest of our lives. 

The following members were present with their families or guests:  

Ed Ard, John Arnold, Walt Becker, Gordon Boyd, Pete Brunk, George Cote, Tart Daniels, Sharon Doggert, Henry Domme, Earl Edwards, Mike Eaton, Ben Kennedy, Bill Maroulis, Jack Midgett, Buddy Moore, Gene Moran, Andy Mullins, David Pillsbury, John Stanley, Dave Sterling, Dennis Spain, Rudy Tarr, Adrian Warner, and Will Wathen.  

Grace was given for our bountiful blessings that the good Lord has bestowed upon us.  

Past Presidents present were: Will Wathen and Larry Leonardson. 

We had a 50/50 raffle and it was won by Mary Maroulis who graciously gave back half of it to the Club Treasury. 

Buddy Moore and Henry Domme offered oysters, crabs, and hamburgers for sale to the  
membership. Everything went and the Treasury is richer by $65.00. Buddy tried to auction off  
Will Wathen but no one bid. Heard some comments from the crowd that he eats too much to 

Notes from the 21st of October 1999 Executive Meeting: Those members present were: 
 Harry Huggins, Will Wathen, Henry Domme, Ed Ard, and Hobbie Stearns (prospective Secretary). 

    a) The Treasurer reported that there is $2,088.55 in the Federal Credit Union. Also that new checks are needed in that the present checks contain the old address.                                         b) Will Wathen, the Chairman of the National ByLaws Committee, is working with National on amending the Constitution so that those members who are selected and promoted to a higher commissioned rank are able to assume elected offfice. 
     c) Henry Domme and Hobbie Stearns are authorized to work on the procurement of some 
new ships clocks for sale by the Club. 
      d) The Entertainment Committee is requested to get together with the ISC Portsmouth Club Manager and get a menu plus the cost of a Christmas dinner at the Portside Club. 
      e) The phone committee needs fine tuning as it plays a very important role in all our events. 
      f) The comments on the Clubs decision not to cook anymore at the Coast Guard Day picnic were discussed. The Club’s decision was made primarily due to the lack of support 
by the Coast Guard units. It would appear that all the work was dropped on the Club members. 
     g) It was decided that the Club’s share of the 50/50 raffles would be put in a special fund to donate to charity. 
     h) It was decided that children would be charged one-half the admission rate to our events. 
      i) Harry Huggins, Will Wathen, Henry Domme, and Buddy Moore are to cook for the children’s Halloween Party on 29 “Oc6tober 1999.  

Buddy Moore, Hobbie Stearns, Henry Domme, Adrian Warner, and Dave Sterling of the Entertainment committee met on 10 November, 1999 with Julie Heselton of the ISC Wheel 
House to obtain a menu for the Christmas Dinner which will be held on the 17th of December, 
1999 at Portside. Happy Hour will be from 1800 hours until 1900 hours with a cash bar and the dinner will be served from 1900 hours until 2100 hours. The price will be $20.00 per person. Buddy Moore will be the only person taking reservations, please call him at 421-4439. If you have decided that you and your spouse are going please send Buddy a check so as to reach him no later than 1 December. His address is: 2707 Horseshoe Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23322  PLEASE REMEMBER A RESERVATION MADE IS A RESERVATION PAID.  

                                   17 DECEMBER 1999 
                          Crab dip with assorted crackers.
                            Assorted hor d’oeuvres.
                   Roast Beef with gravy au’natural
                            Seafood Creole
                            Yellow rice
                             Green beans almadine 
                             Roasted Red Potatoes
                              Iced Tea and Coffee
                              Apple Cobbler
                              Pina colada cheese cake
  The meal will be buffet and the diner is not restricted to one selection  
To answer those who question the $20.00 dinner charge, let me explain that the charge is inclusive: covers clean up, bartender, gratuity, and linen table cloths. Also please note that we have two (2) entres. I think it is a very good price. 
We give thanks to the Holy Spirit who has answered our prayers and is mending Alma Lencmeyer after her serious automobile accident. We also give Him thanks for the good report that Dave Sterling got from the medical types. 

We send our deepest sympathies to Will Wathen and family upon the loss of his brother down in Florida. We ask the Holy Spirit to bring them Peace and Comfort at this time. 

The Business Meeting will be held at 1800, 17 November at Dennis’ Steak House on High St. 
You can order off the Menu and use the time from 1800 to 1900 for chatter and a libation. 
Do come and swap stories about the old days. Remember the best ships are the one you just left and the one you are going to. 


 1.The meeting was called to order at 1900 by the President and an opening prayer was given by the Chaplain. 
 2. There were fourteen (14) members present as follows: Harry Huggins, Will Wathen, Henry Domme, Ed Ard, Walt Becker, Floyd McGowan, Peter Glasz, Paul Hamaker, John Arnold, Buddy Moore, Foster Spruill, Earl Smith, Bill Ambrose, and Bob Willis. The President was disappointed at the lack of attendance of the members at this meeting. 

 3. Roll call of the Chapter Officers was made by the Secretary: all were present. 

 4. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by Bob Willis. 

 5. The Preamble was led by Bill Ambrose. 

 6. A moment of silence was held in honor of all shipmates who had passed over the Bar. 

 7. The President recognized the following Past Presidents: Will Wathen and Bill Ambrose. 

 8.  The following Distinguished Member was recognized: Harry Huggins 

 9.  The Secretary read the Minutes of the last meeting and they were accepted as published by the membership. 

10. The Treasurer read his report and indicated that there was $,2,052.55 on deposit at the  
Federal Credit Union; five (5) members paid dues at this meeting - Floyd McGowan, John 
Arnold, Will Walthen, Buddy Moore, and Earl Smith. He further reported that there were 
no outstanding debts. 

11. The following Committee reports were made: 

      A.  Entertainment: As per data published on the Christmas Party above. Please make the 
check payable to the CWOA.  

     B.  Membership: A drive is on to get active duty members to join the Chapter and to notify all current members that the Year 2000 dues are payable. 

     C.  Telephone: Before any meeting it is mandatory that the Committee call the Membership and advise them of the meeting. Buddy Moore is designated as the sole person to take reservations for the Christmas Dinner. The caterer needs a head count before 1 December so please get your reservation in early. 

      D.  Binnacle: George Cote is suffering from an imbalance problem. This is possibly from carrying that overstuffed wallet in his back pocket. Get well, George, we missed you. 
      E.  Old Business: The Executive Committee held a special meeting to discuss the participation of the Chapter in the Coast Guard Day Picnic. The Entertainment Committee 
will be charged with forming a special liaison group to meet with the MRW Committee to determine our role in the year 2000 picnic.. 

     F.  ByLaws: The Chapter ByLaws have been amended to agree with National’s and the  
revised version will be presented to the membership for a vote at our next Business Neeting. 

    G.  National ByLaws: Three items have been rewritten by the Committee and will be sent to National for approval: (1) Voting procedures by Distinguished Members; (2) Changing those eligible to hold National Office to include those member advanced to a higher commissioned 
rank; and (3) A change to the wording of the Preamble. 

    H.  Ways and Means: Henry Domme has been able to obtain a supply of Coast Guard clocks. It was discussed about changing the dial facing of the clock to be a Chief Warrant and  
Warrant Officer Seal in lieu of Coast Guard Seal.  

     I.  New Business: Over the last four years the Chapter has donated money to the Angel Fund and it is recommended that this year we donate $100. This was unanimously approved. 
    J.  For the Good of the Chapter: It was recommended that $50. be donated to the Special Committee composed of Harry Huggins, Henry Domme, Will Wathen, and Buddy Moore who 
will prepare meals for the poor and needy. This was passed unanimously. 

 12.  The 50/50 raffle was won by Floyd McGowan and the Chapter received $27. for the Treasury. And Floyd donated his winnings to the Chapter, this was a noble thing to do as it 
was the first time Floyd had won.  Henry Domme and Bill Ambrose each won a pound of shelled pecans which were donated by Jane Huggins.  

 13. The Meeting adjourned at 2038 with a closing prayer. 

                                                      Fraternally yours 

                                                      Harry Huggins 

CWO Harry Huggins  484-3700 
CWO Will Wathen      486-3299 
CAPT. Ed Ard            484-8898 
CWO Henry Domme  487-1546   home 
CWO Larry Leonardson
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