VOL 2                                                                                                                                                              March, 2000
United States Coast Guard
4000 Coast Guard Blvd
Portsmouth, VA 23703
17 Mar 00

On 09 March 00 the Chapter hosted a continental breakfast at the Wheelhouse on the ISC in Portsmouth.  The national president Randy Cornell attended the breakfast and spoke on the need to gain some ground in membership by active duty members, as well as a dues reduction of $3.00/mo for 5 years for newly appointed warrant officers completing the CWO academy in New London, Conn.  After that period the dues would increase to $5.00.  The impact on this change has been fairly well received.

Eight active duty personnel attended the breakfast.  Chapter members in attendance were:  President Harry Huggins, Vice President Will Wathan, Treasurer Dave Sterling, Secretary Hobey Stearns, Earl Smith, Don Luedke, Buddy Moore, Henry Domme, Randy Cornell, Foster Spruil, & Buzz Sawyer.
Three new active duty members signed on with the chapter:  CWO Gary Claytor (MLCA Norfolk), CWO Rod Stroud (NESU Portsmouth), & CWO Bill Gasperetti (ESU Portsmouth).  We are pleased to welcome you aboard.  Old salt MKCM Retired John Dickson also joined as an associate member.  Welcome to you also John.

On 17 Mar 00 we had our first social event of the season.  First off the temperature inside the Wheelhouse was a pleasant 75 or so degrees.  Hats off to Julie Hesselton.  Julie’s corn beef and cabbage dinner with all the trimmings was fabulous.  You could have heard a pin drop as everyone rushed to fill his or her plate.  And I do mean fill.  Some plates looked like Mt. McKinley.   Right John O.  Ed Kracker and Gene Moran looked stunning in their St. Patty day attire.  Thanks Gene for setting the mood with the Irish music.

First to arrive for dinner (with a ham under his arm) was Bill Maroulis with his lovely wife, and guests.  Bill donated the ham to the chapter.  More on this ham later.  Other members in attendance were: Ed & Alice Ard, Richard & Sue Coupe, George Cote, John & Deniece Crowe, Tart & Carol Daniels, the venerable Henry Domme, Earl & Hazel Edwards, Ed & June Kracker, Don & Nell Luedke, Bill & Margie Maroulis, Buddy Moore, Harvey & Margaret Moore, Gene & Peg Moran, John & Dot Oberlander, Hobey & Judy Stearns, Dave Sterling, Rudy & Sylvia Tarr, Neal & Mary Westfall, Paul & Gerry Hamaker, and Gordon & Eunice Boyd.

46 tickets were sold for the 50/50 raffle.  The Irish derby (to small for Buddy's head) was shaken and ticket drawn by Eunice Boyd.  777 was the winning ticket held by none other than Julie Hesselton who prepared our delicious dinner.  Congratulations Julie.
The donated ham was raffled of next.  It made its rounds.  First ticket pulled was Maebelle Lowery’s.  Maebelle graciously donated the ham back.  Buddy Moore was the next recipient of the ham.  Buddy also donated the ham back.  Finally, the Bill Maroulis ham was won and held for ransom by Harvey Moore.  Congratulations Harvey.

 The STEAK OUT is our next social event on 28 April 00, 6:00 PM @ ISC Portsmouth Wheelhouse.  Reservations must be made with Buddy Moore (421-4439) no later than 07 Apr 00.

CLUB NEWS:  A special meeting has been called by the Norfolk Chapter president for 30 March 00,
6:00 PM @ Dennis’ Spaghetti and Steakhouse on Western Branch Blvd.  Meeting is to discuss the agenda items for the upcoming National meeting at RTC Yorktown 7 – 8 April 00.  Contact Buddy Moore (421-4439) if you plan to attend.

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