The CW&WOA has been serving the warrant officer community since Jan.1,1929,  and looks out for the interests of its members and the warrant officer corps. The association is made up of: 
  • Executive Committee- Governing body of Association; comprised of chapter presidents and the association officers.
  • Board of Directors- Managing board of Association; comprised of a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary.
  • Regional Chapters- Twenty-three chapters throughout the districts function on a local level. 
          The CW&WOA is a member of the Military coalition. The Military Coalition lobbies on Capital Hill for your concerns and monitors pertinent legislation that affects active duty, retired and reserve members. 

          Some of the milestones and accomplishments include: 

  • in 1933, saving 165 warrant officers from an untimely discharge from the Coast Guard.
  • in the late 1930s, getting time-in-grade requirements for promotion.
  • in the 1940s, getting all Coast Guard Warrant Warrant Officers Commissioned status.
  • following WWII, fighting to allow retirement in the highest rank successfully held.
  • in 1954, instrumental in legislation which resulted in two additional pay grades for the warrant corps.
  • in the 1960s, leading the way in the Coast Guard's decision to let warrant officers be promoted to the next higher grade in a temporary status, allowing automatic promotion to temp W-2 when appointed to permanent W-1.
  • in the 1990s, initiated establishment of a CWO Indoctrination School for all new chief warrant officers in the Coast Guard.
  • and meeting future challenges in the 1990s and dealing with issues affecting chief warrant officers. 
          We take all these benefits for granted today. But can you count on today's benefits tomorrow? 
1949 CWO Joseph Delmar 
1950 CWO C.W. Wroton
1951 WO    S.H. Humphrey
1953            Parker Johnson
1955 CWO Joseph Delmar
1956 CWO Joseph Delmar
       &CWO J.J. Barrett
1958 CWO H.T. Peele
       &CWO Al Solberg
1960 CWO M.M. Midgette 
1964 LT      Thomas D. Keith 
1966 LCDR Richard L. Luna
1967 CWO Frederick Jones
1968 CWO James E. Jordan
1969 CWO Al Solberg
1970 CWO H.T. Wright
1971 CWO Fred Gispert
1973 CWO Everett J. Matteson
1975 CWO Everett J. Matteson
1976 CWO Gene F. Lewis
1977 CWO Charles M. Tomarchio
1978 CWO Everett J. Matteson
1979 CWO John F. Bischopp, Jr.
1980 CWO Gerald D. Huskey
1981 CWO Gerald D. Huskey
1982 CWO Charles R. Waggoner
1983 CWO Everett J. Matteson
1984 CWO Gerlad D. Huskey
1985 CWO Dennis R. Bryan
1986 CWO Robert G. Sigler
    & CWO William L. Wathen
1987 CWO William L. Wathen
1988 CWO William L. Wathen
1989 CWO Peter A. Brunk
1990 CWO Ronald L. Wright
1991 CAPT John R. Hearn
    & CWO William L. Giessman
1992 CWO Dewey N. Belcher
1993 CWO Lawrence Leonardson
1994 CWO Lawrence Leonardson
1995 CWO William Ambrose
1996 CWO William Ambrose
1997 CWO Douglas F. Wagner
1998 CWO William Ambrose
1999 CWO Harry Huggins
2000 CWO Harry Huggins