30 APR 01
United States Coast Guard
4000 Coast Guard Blvd
Portsmouth, VA 23703
Minutes 19 April 2001 Business Meeting

1750    Members began arriving at George And Steve's  Steak House.
1830    Paul Hanamaker Blessed the gathering with special thought to Will
            Wathen who was reported in the hospital
1930    President Hobey Stearns Called Meeting to order.
            Officers Present President Hobey Stearns, Treasurer Dave Sterling, 
            Secretary Bill Gasperetti
 - Pledge Of Allegiance led By Earl Smith
 - Preamble Read By Doug Wagner
 - Moment of Silence for those who Crossed the Bar.
 - Distinguished Members Present - Mattie Matteson
 - Past Presidents Present - Larry Leonardson, Pete Brunk, Tim Riordan,
                                              Mattie Matteson, and Doug Wagner.
- Motion made and seconded to let Minutes from last meeting stand as
- Treasurer's report checking balance as of 19 April is $2226.37.
- Committee Reports
  Membership - Bill Gasperetti - We are contacting active duty by sending
                                                       e-mails of meetings and social events.

  Entertainment - We have a schedule of the Social events for the remainder
  of the year:

         11 May 1800 at the ISC Consolidated Club (See the enclosed Flyer)

         09 June Pig Pick ISC Picnic Grounds Time TBD

         14 July Crab Feast ISC Picnic Grounds Time TBD

         15 Sept Sea Food Feast ISC Picnic Ground Time TBD

- Old Business -
   Telephone Committee reports that every one contacted would like to remain
   on the call list for all occasions.
    Tour of the CGC Bear had one show for the tour.
    Tour of the CGC Frank Drew pending.
    ISC Portsmouth Easter Egg Hunt - Great Job of cooking the Hot Dogs and
    such courtesy of Henry Domme, Harry Huggins, Dave Sterling; and Buddy

- New Business -
    Hobey gave us a brief of what happened at Nationals.  
    Most of the briefings were of active duty concerns and did not
    address any Warrant Officer participation in the processes.

                       a. Joint Rating Review a project to combine and create ratings to fit the
                          Coast Guard Missions and Equipment.  Combine the ET and FT rates; Combine
                          the QM and BM rates, Create an OS rate (Operations Specialist) from existing
                         QM, RD & TC (RM) rates.  Create an IT (Information Technologist) from the TT
                         and TC rates.

                       b. Future Force 21 is an initiative to plan the CG Workforce in anticipation
                           of CG Missions in the next 20-30 years.

                       c. Deep Water Project is a CG initiative to replace all offshore air and sea
                           assets utilizing new technologies.

   On all other issues please see your National CW & WO Newsletter.
   3 Clocks were sold at the Convention.  

2030 Meeting Adjourned. 50/50 winner for a total of $23.00 was Paul Hamaker.

Members in attendance:  Tim Riordan, Dave Sterling, Ed Kracker, Henry W.
Domme, Bill Gasperetti, Pete Brunk, John Hearn, Paul Hamaker, Doug Wagner,
William Maroulis, Horace Webb, Earl Smith, Harvey Moore, Tart Daniels,
George Cote, Richard Coupe, John Dickson, Larry Leonardson, Robert Olsen,
Russell Sawyer, Mattie Matteson, Gordon Boyd, Hobey Stearns.

   For those who have given me their e-mail address I will be sending the
newsletter electronically.  If you prefer to still get snail mail let me
know and I will put you back on the regular mailing list.   
   If there are any announcements or items you would like to see in future
newsletters drop me an e-mail wgasperetti@esuports.uscg.mil. 

        Bill Gasperetti 

Steak Out Friday May 11
Starting at 6 p.m.
ISC Portsmouth Consolidated Club
$12.00 per person
NY Strip cooked your way
Salad, Baked Potatoes, Peas & Baby Onions, Grilled Onions, Sautéed
Strawberry Shortcake for desert!

Call to make your Reservations by 8 May
Buddy Moore 421-4439, Harry Huggins 484-3700, 
 or Henry Domme 487-1546

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