Swedish American Society of Tidewater

                            April 2003 Edition
               President: Barbara Carlson Storaasli 423-6711


                          Sunday, April 13, 2003
                        Ruritan Club, Witchduck Rd

3:00 PM  SMÖRGÅSBORD SETUP  Doors open and setup begins.  Sue Airth  will setup for the meeting and meal (note Sue is retiring in June).  Sandy MacGregor will set up the beverage table.

 4:00 PM   Den Lyckliga Timmen (the happy hour): Club provides the soft drinks, beer & wine, but depends on the membership for the hors d'oeuvres (cheese, crackers, nuts, etc).

5:00 PM    Välkommen to members and guests by President Barbara Carlson Storaasli, followed by Du Gamla Du Fria, My Country Tis of thee, and I Jesu Namn Til Bords Vi Gå, after which, we can get in the buffet line.

DINING:  The menu for April is salmon.   Bentley Anderson volunteered to smoke two fillets of salmon and provide cucumber relish to go with it.
Margit Thunander also volunteered bring a fillet of baked salmon and Dot
Hughes will bring a salmon casserole.  Other fish dishes could also be
prepared to add to this meal.  (You might want to be sure you get to the
head of the chow line this time, since Herb Melendy offered to bring one of his famous sardines).  Seriously, try to bring side dishes that would
complement the fish.  If you have any questions, please contact Bentley
Anderson (340-9757).  Note we will need other couples to volunteer for the subsequent meetings.

GUESTS:  a $5.00 contribution for each adult sixteen or older.  If bringing guests, please include in your food contribution enough for yourselves and your guests.

5:45 PM    April Program.  A second Swedish Quiz based on our song book has been organized by Leland Peterson and  is scheduled for the April meeting, so all those members who were not born and raised in Sweden should be brushing up on their facts about Sweden songs.   If you have any questions as to what material is valid for quiz topics call Leland Peterson (489-7061).  Also, your nominations for Notable Swedes and/or Swedish-Americans could be made at this meeting.

6:10 PM   TED "YONSON" leads a sing-along in Swedish and English.

6:35 PM   The raffle will be held.  The prizes are provided by the members and the raffle is run by Diane Newlon.  Note, it's fun when the kids win, so we need more prizes for children.

6:45 PM   Hälsä Dem Där Hemma and the clearing of tables and stacking of chairs.

                                    When Last We Met

           The Swedish American Society met on March 16, 2003 at the
Ruritan Club, Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach.  Sue Airth set up for the
meeting and meal, and Sandy MacGregor set up the beverage table.  We
greatly appreciate their fine service. The fellowship hour or den lyckliga timmen began at 4:00 P.M. as usual with soft drinks, beer, wine and hors d'oeuvres provided by the members. Attendance was good, totaling about 40 persons including guests. At 5:00 P.M. Ted Johnson led us in singing Du gamla du fria and America and in saying  the Swedish table grace: I Jesu namn. Afterward we partook of a meal corned beef and cabbage, various potato dishes and an assortment of bread, knäckebröd och smör (butter). Several desserts were available also.
      At the meeting which followed, Vice President Andy Hilton presided.
We first discussed the menu for the next meeting which will be on the
second (Palm) Sunday, April 13, instead of the third Sunday (Easter).  We chose a menu with the main entre of salmon (or possibly other fish).  The second topic of discussion was Leland's motion that at those meetings with no other traditional themes, that a program on "Notable Swedes and
Swedish-Americans" be presented by an interested speaker.  There would be only one program per individual(s), and the excepted meetings would be: 1) December (Sankta Lucia Fest),  2) March (Swedish Quiz), and 3) June (Midsommar).  This motion was passed with the full support of the
membership.  Nominations for inclusion in our Notable Swedes listing will
be open starting at the April meeting. Guests were introduced including Carol Smith and Cherry West.  New members Steve Erickson and Ethel Gerdin were also introduced. The Swedish Quiz, organized by Margit Thunander, was next.  This is a question and answer game of  20 questions with six members who were not-native Swedes divided into two teams as the contestants.   Margit outdid herself by presenting questions that generally stumped the contestants and by being able to somehow keep her husband Hans in line at the same time (he was keeping score).
      Ted Johnson again led us in singing Gubben Noah, Helan går, En gång
jag seglar I hamn, Kostervalsen, and perennial favorite Hälsä dem där
hemma. Don Lundquist then conducted the raffle for an unusually large number of prizes contributed by the members.  It should be noted that the prizes included many that were suitable for children.
      The meeting then ended and the tables and chairs were stacked.
Several children ably assisted the adults performing this task.

                                    Respectfully submitted,
                                    Ed Unser, Secretary

President  -  Barbara Carlson Storaasli (423-6711), 
Vice-President  -  Andy Hilton, 
Treasurer -  Donald Lundquist, 
Secretary  -  Edward Unser, 
Asst.Secretary  -  Merrie Jo Milner, 
Raffle Master  -  Diane Newlon, 
Web Master -  Larry Leonardson, 
Beverage Master  -  Sandy MacGregor, and 
Concert Master  -  Ted Johnson, 
Newsletter Editor - Glenn Gerdin.

If coming from the peninsula, take I-64 across the Hampton Roads Bridge
Tunnel, follow I-64 to I-264 East.  Follow I-264 to the Witchduck Road
exit; after exiting, turn left onto Witchduck Road.  About ¼ to ½ mile is
Ruritan Drive (fire station light is there).  Turn left on Ruritan, go to
the end of the street, the building is on the left.

Ole and Lena Department.  [This joke came from More Ole and Lena Jokes Book , by Red Stangland, (Norse Press, Sioux Falls, SD, 1987, 1998) p. 3.
      Vun day Ole complained to da landlord, don't ya know.  He says, "Da
folks upstairs are so awful! Last night dey stomped and pounded on da floor 'til is vas almost midnight!"
      So da landlord says to Ole, "So, did dey vake you up den?"
      So Ole says, "No, fortunately I vas playing my tuba during dat time!"

Dodge City Daz

      Ole vas spending some time in Dodge City during da frontier days.
Vun day, he valked into dis saloon yelling, "All right, vhere is da galoot
dat painted my horse purple?"
      "Right here!" says dis mean looking cowboy, who vas standing about
seven feet tall.   "Vhat are you going to do about it?" he says.
      So den Ole says, "Nuttin',  I yust vanted to let you know dat da
first coat is dry."

The Auction

      Lena bought dis parrot you know, at dis auction over to Granite
Falls.  Da bidding vas wery spirited so she yust about gave up.
      Da bird didn't say anyting so she asked da auctioneer, "Are you sure
dis bird talks?"
      So da auctioneer says to Lena, "Talk, vhy dis bird vas bidding
against you for da last ten minutes!"

Old Norse Mythology Department:

      This is the seventh installment of this feature intended to inform
the membership about the mythological heritage of the Scandinavian people. The main source here is my mythology book:  Encyclopedia of World Mythology
, A. Cotterell Gen. Ed., Barnes & Noble Books, New York, 2001, ISBN

                       The Necklace of the Brislings

      One day Freyja (goddess of fertility and sensuality) came upon four
dwarves.  They were fashioning an object from gold, as was often their
occupation, for dwarves were renowned for their skill in working the
precious metal.  What they were making was an exquisite necklace, more
beautiful than any Freyja had ever seen before.  Freyja coveted the
marvelous necklace greatly.  Surely no neck other than hers should sport
such gorgeous adornment.  She told the dwarves she wanted it and offered to buy it from them, but they refused to sell.  Freyja offered them a huge amount of gold and silver, but still they would not part with the necklace.
      Freyja was consumed with a desire to own it.  She offered more and
more things of value, but the dwarves were not interested ? until eventually they named their price.
      'All that we want, we already have.  They only thing that we desire,
Freyja, is you.  If you would spend one whole night with each of us, then
we would each give you our share of the necklace.'
      Freyja was shocked.  She looked at the four ugly, misshapen dwarves, who leered back at her, and was not pleased, but her desire for the necklace was a consuming fire.  Four nights did not seem too high a price to pay to own the necklace forever and, besides, no one would ever know. She agreed to the dwarves' terms.
      Freyja stayed with the dwarves for four nights, and each in turn had
his way with her.  After she had kept her side of the bargain they kept
theirs and gave her the necklace.  Freyja went home with it, pretending
nothing had happened, and the necklace became one of her most prized

      Recall, when Thor's hammer Mjollnir was stolen, and the giant Thrym
wanted Freyja to marry him so Thor could get it back, and Freyja wouldn't do it.  Then Thor was dressed up to look like Freyja and the necklace of the Brislings was put around his neck to convince Thrym it was really Freyja.